One day may 3 2019 A woman named Regina George was bragging about how tall she was. The other students didn’t mind because she did it all the time and thought she was the most perfect girl in the world. One day she was usually bragging until she noticed an old woman on the street. She said she was to old to walk. All of her other friends laughed and they kicked her as they waked by. All of the sudden she Ripped her cloak off and under was a beautiful royal. She took her wand out and poof  SHE’S GONE!!!!!

One thought on “YOU MUST PAY FOR YOUR ACTIONS-Olivija

  1. Olivija,
    Your title has a foreboding message. I bet there are many people in real life who wish they had a magic wand that could make evil-spirited people who bully just VANISH! I hope the characters in your story learn a lesson, and maybe you will continue to use your writing to spread the message that bullying cannot be tolerated. How would this world be if everyone was the same–all the same height? all moving at the same speed?
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

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