Why does this happen to meeeeee!!!!!!! – Nathaniel

Empty. What a surprise! I was screaming that as I looked in my backpack. “Nothing” I said “Not one single thing.” I was taking a hike through the woods and my bag somehow had a slit, and all my supplies fell out. I felt like giving up, no food, water civilization. How was I going to survive. I read all the books about survival in the wilderness, but I don’t think I could make it on my own. When is civilization going to find me? Will I go crazy? “Nathaniel,  get off the ground and come have dinner!” Yelled mom.

One thought on “Why does this happen to meeeeee!!!!!!! – Nathaniel

  1. Hi Nathaniel and thanks for this creative 100WC piece. I was caught up in your dilemma from the off. This is a well structured story that really hold the reader’s attention and has good punctuation throughout. Just as I was wondering what was going to happen to you? were you going to be saved – that terrific ending, totally unexpected and a great way to finish, well done.

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