Where did these boats come from?-Sofia

One day me and my friends were taking a hike in the forest when we came across a dozen boats. Me and my friends saw  writings on the boats that said ” We are pirates and if you find this boat we want you to go out to sea and use it because we never found a ocean to use them.” So me and my friends  went to the ocean and we went sailing! When we finished sailing we returned the boats back where we found them. We went back to my house to have boat cookies in honor of them!

3 thoughts on “Where did these boats come from?-Sofia”

  1. Hi Sofia,

    I loved your story it was really interesting. I loved how you and your friends went out sailing.

    Next time make sure to add more periods because you want to make sure that your sentences don’t run too long.

    Great story anyways, I loved how you ended it with eating cookies! I love cookies as well.

    Until next week, Spencer

  2. Thank you for commenting Spencer. I will make sure to use more periods to make sure that my sentences are not too long. I also love cookies!

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