Where did the banana peal comes from?-Isabel

One day the people were moving out of the house.  They were moving something heavy and black.  One of the movers had lunch and had a banana for lunch.  He had finished lunch and threw the banana peal on the ground.  The other guy did not see the banana peal on the floor and he slipped on a banana peal and damaged the heavy, black thing.  Seeing what happened to the other guy, he jumped over the banana peal.  But, he did not see the other banana peal on the ground, and slipped on it and broke his left leg.

One thought on “Where did the banana peal comes from?-Isabel

  1. Kia ora from New Zealand Isabel.
    No doubt you are not in school anymore for a while so I hope that everything is OK with your family and your classmates. In New Zealand we are still in school for now…
    This is a pretty intriguing story, which ended up with rather a big disaster. One thing you may not know is that there are two ways to spell PEAL / PEEL.
    PEAL, is about the sound that a bell makes = The church bells were pealing to let everyone know the war was over.
    PEEL, is about the outer layer you take off fruit and vegetables = My mum asked me to peel the potatoes for dinner.
    So can you identify which one you should use for your story?
    Keep on writing even if you are not at school – it is great practice.

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