When it Just Wouldn’t Take Off- Tiarah


    Sunday morning, I was creating a remote control toy plane. After 8 hours, it was finally done! I pressed the ON button on the controller and it didn’t go. I tried it over and over when it just wouldn’t take off, so I yelled for my mom. She is an expert at creating toy planes. She switched some of the wires and threw in a fresh battery on the controller. The plane flew so high that it almost touched the ceiling!  I thanked my mom about 50 billion times.  I played with the plane so much that the battery ran out!  Boooo!


3 thoughts on “When it Just Wouldn’t Take Off- Tiarah

  1. Hi Tiarah,
    I really liked your story it was really interesting. I liked how you included specific details of what your mom fixed. Your ending really made me want to read more.
    maybe you could come check out mine and leave me some comments!!

  2. Hello!
    Sounds as if it was a lot of hard work creating and building your plane. But it was Mom to the rescue! I could really imagine her with a screwdriver in one hand and wire cutters in the other!
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