What blankets can really do-Michael

I was chilling  at home. I decided that on a cold rainy day I might as well snuggle up under a blanket while watching my favorite movie. When I was done watching this movie, I took the blanket off of me. I suddenly notice that all the fringe on the blanket was gone! Next,  I noticed  that the blanket turned black and wasn’t red anymore! I then started washing  the blanket. While the blanket was being washed, I cooked myself some eggs and devoured them as usual. I took the blanket from the washing machine and it was now flickering!

4 thoughts on “What blankets can really do-Michael

  1. Hey Micheal! Great job on the writing, I really like the use of words. There isn’t really anything wrong of bad this this writing, keep up the amazing work!

  2. wow michael I never new that blankets could do these strange things I think your writing is great when I was reading I kind of felt like It was really fast anyway thank you for sharing make shore to check out our one to that you from caitlyn

  3. hahahah so relaterble i liked the part when you I was just chiling but you could of stated what happend at the end

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