What Are Light Bulbs Made Of????-Corey

You might think you know what’s inside a lightbulb, but… you don’t. You can guess a million times, and you will never get it. Lightbulbs are made of a formula containing little plastic people, colorful beads, and gems. You can’t just throw it all into a bulb, you have to have a specific order. Gems are on the bottom, next are the beads, finally the plastic people, who are the most important. ¬†When you turn on a light, it glows because the little plastic people are juggling the beads and gems. You can only see them if a bulb breaks.

One thought on “What Are Light Bulbs Made Of????-Corey

  1. Hi Corey,

    I really enjoyed reading your piece of writing.

    I loved the way you engaged the reader from the very start – a great, writerly, technique!

    Of course, I’m going to be peering very closely at every light bulb I see now, just to see if I can catch a glimpse of the little plastic people and their beads and gems!

    Great work – keep it up!

    Mr P.
    Team 100WC

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