We seemed to be on television-Nathaniel

Today was the big day. I know you must be wondering, “What is the big day?” Well I’m going to tell you. So, today is my championship soccer game.  My team have been in this tournament for a long time, about 2 weeks. When I got to the field I saw a man with a big camera. When the game started their was a commentator, and we seemed to be on television. I played harder because I knew that other people are watching. We eventually won the game  2-1, and me and my team held up the trophy proudly. That was awesome.

One thought on “We seemed to be on television-Nathaniel

  1. HI Nathaniel
    I liked that your character played better because of the camera, and asking a question that the reader is likely to ask. Now I don’t think 2 weeks is a long time. Anyway great job.

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