We got the right number!-Michael

My friends and I decided to go to the store to buy lottery tickets. We only had combined enough to buy five so we weren’t to excited. The one million dollar lottery reading was tonight. We really had no hopes to win but we turned on the television anyway. Our ticket numbers were 5424, 3245, 8394, and 1092. “2122,” the lady called off. “8432,” the lady said next. “The last one is 5424,” the lady exclaimed. We seemed to be on television with that number! Our number was called! We won one million dollars! We really did! I could buy everything!  That was the best day ever!


4 thoughts on “We got the right number!-Michael

  1. i would love to be a lottery winner but with my luck the only im getting money is by working. it would be the best day of my life if i were to the lottery

  2. Hi Michael
    In your story was a big coincidence
    because there is a big hard shot to get the lotto.
    but anyway it was a nice story.

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