It was a great and sunny day in Britain. The British were not expecting what happened. The Americans attacked the British and their castle. The castle was very strong so no British were injured. The British killed all the Americans but their leader. They needed a big plan to kill the leader. Four British men went up to the top of the castle and loaded a big canon. They aimed the canon through the window. They saw the American leader and fired. It hit the leader. Once they looked at the leader they saw him laying on the ground dead.

One thought on “War-Ruth

  1. Hi Ruth, great job this week! Your story was really interesting and I enjoyed the historical theme of it. I enjoyed the way you used different lengths of sentences as this helped to keep a quick pace to the story. Next time I want you to use even more description of what your characters hear and smell, as well as see, as this will help the reader become even more interested in your work. Keep it up!

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