Vegemite and Marmite by senee

Me and Caiden were going on a shopping spree in a convenient store. “Do you like Vegemite?” I said. “No,” he said “ I like Marmite” “But Marmite and Vegemite and Marmite are the same exact thing!” I said “Well, not to me” Caiden said. Once they got to the store they got Vegemite, Marmite, and a few other things they like. “Ok Caiden we have every thing we need.” “Yeah lets pay then get out of here so I can watch my brother play Minecraft.”

“ Ok,” I said “ Now lets leave.”

Once they got home they made foos and slept.



One thought on “Vegemite and Marmite by senee

  1. Hi, Senee! I like how you wrote the dialogue between the narrator and Caiden. I wonder what does make Marmite and Vegemite different. I also liked how you described the scene as a “shopping spree”, which probably explains why the two were so tired and needed to sleep after going home. Keep writing!

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