Unlucky 29th Street Jayla 100WC

It was an average day. I was just walking on the sidewalk, looking around for the ice cream  cart. I then came across a fence that had the number 29 on it. “29th Street?” I questioned.  The street looked very barren, but that didn’t stop me from exploring it. Once I stepped one foot on the sidewalk of 29th Street, a black cat walked past me. The cat soon disappeared, and it suddenly started pouring. I ran back towards my house, but when I did, I tripped and fell on the ground. This day was a very unlucky and abnormal day.

One thought on “Unlucky 29th Street Jayla 100WC

  1. Hi Jayla! What an unlucky day for our protagonist indeed. I like how you incorporated the prompt picture as a part of your setting, but also expanded it into something beyond.

    I thought your writing flowed smoothly in this piece, with a wide variety of sentence types and lengths. It helped immerse me in the story as I was reading. I also felt that the narrator’s personality came across well through the writing. I imagined them to be a young teenager with a laid-back attitude. Having the narrator reevaluate their “average” day as “unlucky and abnormal” after all that happened was also a neat touch.

    Great work, and keep writing!

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