Ugly Rat -Giova ;-;

One day, me and my friend wanted to go to the store. On the way there, we saw a talking rat that was panting, “…Which way to the shops..? It panted.” We didn’t know what to do, so my friend picked up the ugly rat, and we walked to the store. (Technically a shop) Almost there, we both stop in mid steps, to see another ugly rat. That rat said, “I was walking around everywhere, trying to find the other ugly rat. I found the rat now, can I walk with you guys?” We said yes, then we found the store.

One thought on “Ugly Rat -Giova ;-;

  1. Interesting idea with the rat wanting to also go to the store. Could have maybe described why the rat wanted to go to the store with the other rat and if it was the same reason as the humans. Nice touch on the idea of friendship.

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