Tsunami at sea -By Tyler

Day 7 of the captain’s log…Today, we’re sadly heading in the course of a tsunami. It’s going to make us crash into the Jamaican islands…Day 8 of the captain’s log…The tsunami is among us! “THRASH!” The tsunami has struck our boats and  we’re going to hit the Jamaican islands! There were 5 deaths from the shipwreck. I tried to open the top hatchet, but it was stuck! I saw a hammer and grabbed it. Then I hit the hatchet with the hammer and it reflected and hit me in the head. I was unconscious. When I woke up, I was saved by Indians.bvughbjgtrfcvbhygtfvbghytgfvbghytrfcvbhytgfvbghytgfvbghytrfvghy6tgfhu7y6tgfghytrfvgtytf

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