Trevor My One Wish

If I had one wish in the entire world it would be to get paid like Elon Musk doing what I love- soccer and video games . Now this wish sounds like any other wish any kid would make but its much more deep than you think . If I were being paid like Elon musk a multi billionaire I would pay to help science , world hunger , cancer study’s and cures , Covid-19 vaccines , space force and much more and Elon Musk was asked by some one to donate 6 billion dollars to basically cure world hunger . So imagine if you had that money.

2 thoughts on “Trevor My One Wish

  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to share that money, plus you’d get to do what you love, soccer and video games. I’m curious though what the space force is for… but it could be the idea for a great next story.

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