Top Secret Mission! – Leona 100WC

“C’mon Nailea! We’re almost at the house,” I whispered as we walked through the senior citizen neighborhood. “Okay! You don’t have to rush me,” Nailea said, “jeez!” We made it to house 29. “This is it Nai!” I said. We knocked on the door. An old lady opened the door and said, “Hey kids! Come in! Have some cookies!” Her husband was standing next to her. “Uh… No thank you,” we said. I made eye movements to Nailea that this, for sure, was the correct house. “Nai, call them,” I told Nailea. She called the cops on the super old kidnappers!

One thought on “Top Secret Mission! – Leona 100WC

  1. Wow, that was a surprising plot twist. I’m really curious what it was that your protagonist (lead character) saw that tipped them off that the old couple were the kidnappers they were looking for. I am not entirely sure what a ‘senior citizen neighborhood’ is though. Probably a good choice though not to eat the cookies.

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