This can’t be real-Michael

I was going on a trip. On this trip, we would do so many cool things. We were going to go see giraffes at a museum. This trip didn’t turn out like it was supposed to. First, my pretzel with salt that I ordered didn’t have salt. Next, everyone there liked eating greasy foods that I don’t like so there wasn’t too many options. After, the giraffes there were fake giraffes that were brown, stuffed animals. Also, at the inside ice skating ring, the ice some how melted, so I couldn’t even skate. This trip turned out to be awful!


2 thoughts on “This can’t be real-Michael

  1. i like how you made this sound so dramatic it was cool as i like where you put the 5 words we had to do and the way that you added them in

  2. I like how your Ice cream melted and I also love how your pretzel with salt didn’t even ave salt.

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