The world bye: Jade

Their once was a girl named Sidney. She was an 8 girl who had pretty blonde hair with blue eyes. She loved to explore things. One day she went to her woods because she owned a big property.She went inside the forest their was growling, snake sounds, and buzzing sounds. But, she was brave so that sums it up.Anyway she looked deeper and deeper and deeper to the forest. She spotted a silver box with golden bees.She touched one and she died.When her parents found out they cried and cried.They had a big funeral.It was very sad.Sad ending the end.Bye

One thought on “The world bye: Jade

  1. Oh dear, what a tragedy Jade! I like the way you described your main character and set the scene for the story; it always helps to know who is involved and where they are. I wonder what on earth happened to Sydney though? What do you think might have caused it?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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