The wishing fountain-Josie

One early morning, I was going for a jog, then i see a wishing fountain! I happened to have a few coins in my pocket, so i made a wish for an angel halo! I threw the coins in and i saw that they were sinking very quickly. Then the pavement around the fountain was turning red! I saw a box in the water, so i picked it up. I opened it slowly to find an angel halo! Then someone came over with a ladder. He told me that they were taking it down! I ran away with my halo.

2 thoughts on “The wishing fountain-Josie

  1. Wow! That would be awesome to have a wishing fountain in town! Having an angel halo may also bring the responsibility of spreading kindness to all with whom you come in contact. Thank you for sharing your story and a ripple of kindness!

    Mrs. Silver
    Team 100

  2. Love your story, Josie! Well done for incorporating all of the prompt words so seamlessly. I’m imagining you with your angel halo.
    Just remember to re-read and check that your tenses are consistent (‘was’ going for a jog, then I ‘saw’ a wishing fountain).
    Kindest regards,
    Melbourne, Australia

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