The weird school- Michael

There is many schools that are weird, but this school is the weirdest school I have ever seen. When I go to math class, the math teacher is givnig a red coin to anyone who can answer the question correctly. The next worst thing is that we have to climb a ladder to get to the cafeteria for lunch! How insane is that! Outside the school, the pavement that you walk on is purple! The last and most weird thing is that they have quick sand for trying to see how it feels to be sinking! I want to leave!

One thought on “The weird school- Michael

  1. Hi Michael,
    Your writing this week immediately made me think of Andy Griffith’s Treehouse books. The school you described sounds like something right out of one of his novels! Well done! Keep up the great writing.
    Mrs Horan (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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