The walk šŸ˜¬. KALA

One day I took my dog for a walk in the park, and he was acting funny you would think I would like that but no it was very weird. I was actually starting to get scared so I started to pull him back to our house… Then everything stopped and froze but me, but I would not leave my dog there so I stood there and hugged my dog with all my strength. So I was thinking ā€œ Iā€™m going to pull on my dog with all my might and hope that he comes with me. And he did come.ā€™

2 thoughts on “The walk šŸ˜¬. KALA

  1. Hi Kala. I like your interpretation of this weeks prompt. It would certainly take an exceptional event to make my dog stay perfectly still when we were out walking!
    I think you could possibly develop your vocabulary a little more? … starting to get scared / started to pull him back. What other word could you have used there? What about ‘I began to get scared’? What do you think?
    Also, try not to begin a sentence with ‘So’. I think it works just fine if you had simply said ‘I was thinking ….
    Keep up your creativity,
    Jackie (Team 100)
    New Zealand

  2. Hello Kala, I would have to do the same if I thought my dog was in danger. Dogs can be naughty though but they are so loyal and such fun. I’m glad your story had a happy ending. Well done.

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