The Tree That Scares- Leona 100 WC

Panting and breathing heavily, running from… a tree. “AHHHHHH!!! DADDDDDD!!!! W-W-WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE! FAST! AHHHH!!’’ I screamed as loud as I could! “LEONAAAA!!! RUN FASTER! HURRY!’’ exclaimed my dad. I was running for my life. That was the scariest moment of my life! The tree was about 55 feet tall, and its arms are HUGE! I suddenly hear… SHWASHHHHH! BOOOOOM! BOOOOOM! THUD! I see the tree running after me. I needed water. Uh oh. I grabbed water from the lake as fast as I could, and ran so fast! Later, I figured out this was a dream!

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