The Tree Of Magic – Sylvia

Two years ago, when I lived in a big house I wouldn’t sit around, I would go out side and run around. When I was running I bumped into a tree, and yellow dust covered me. I closed my eyes so it wouldn’t get in them, when I opened them fairies and dragons covered my yard. It was remarkable! I dicovered a magic tree! They were very nice, however a dragon tried to bite me. I looked over, and the leaves were falling from the tree. I knew it needed to be taken care of ginglery. “WATCH OUT! The giant’s here!”

2 thoughts on “The Tree Of Magic – Sylvia”

  1. Hello there Sylvia,
    I liked your story but you have some spelling mistakes like you spelt outside with a space in between the out and side it’s just one word.

  2. Hi again Sylvia
    I’ve just found the start of the story! I love how you used the words to create the start of a fairytale. Had you planned to write more that the one 100 word challenge or did that happen when you saw the prompt for the giant hand? I think you should out the three pieces together in one place so that more people can read them. Great ideas and very creative writing. Keep up the good work.
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100 WC

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