The Tornado!!!! (Katie)

Everyone was talking about the tornado coming with the evening storm.  We went into our basement and tried to go to bed, but I was too nervous and stayed awake.  The storm began, the lights started flickering, and the fringe on the ceiling light fixture started swaying from the winds.  All of a sudden, it was pitch black in the house!  I tried to feel around for the flashlight, but instead knocked down a carton of eggs sitting on the counter. What a mess!  Then I washed myself and the counter, the storm had passed and we were all safe!

10 thoughts on “The Tornado!!!! (Katie)

  1. This is a really good story Katie, you did a great job of using the five words given in the prompt. I especially liked the way you described the room during the storm, I could really imagine the lights flickering and the light fixture swaying. Keep up the great work!

    Ms Gray, St Molaga’s NS, Ireland

  2. Hi Katie,
    This story was great, I really enjoyed reading it. The prompt fits so well. Keep up the creative writing and good luck with your next 100 word challenge.

  3. I really like your story you added all the commars and the full stops and you made it all make sence
    From Keira

  4. Great story Katie, I absolutely love kind of spooky stories like this one loving the choice of words not really much wrong with it to be honest -Genevieve

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