The Tabel-Curtis

I was in a competition and it was a strength competition.I was very strong in the legs and it was a raising competition on the legs weights on a Pilates machine and to see who could raise the 4 bar.When I was up I went on 1 which is 3 pounds of resistance, and then went to 2 which is 9 pounds, and the 3 which is 15 pounds and the 4 it was heavier than I expected and I tried and tried but it would not budge.I remembered one time when my little cousin tore up all of my money then I lifted the weight 30 pound weight.

3 thoughts on “The Tabel-Curtis

  1. Hi Curtis,
    I really like the weight comp it was really interesting but sometimes your repeating yourself.Like… I lifted up the weight 30 pound weight. but other than that you post was really good!
    from Emma
    Morrinsville NZ

  2. To Curtis,
    I really like the bit when you could not budge the bar, but then you thought about the time your little brother who ripped up all your money.
    From Liam
    Morrinsville,New Zealand

  3. Well done on your story this week Curtis. I was a little bit confused at the start of your story, as I didn’t understand about the numbers and weights! But you did really well to lift 30 pounds. In Ireland, we measure weight using Kilograms!
    Keep up the good work.
    Ms Brennock
    Hub Buddy

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