The secret chest-Michael

I always knew that there was a secret chest. Every day, I would search and search for it. One day, I knew I had to find it. I started to look. I looked for hours and hours. I finally found a hole. I jumped through the hole! I sneaked through all the lasers! I beat all the body guards! I found it! I touched it, and it burned me! There is some secret spell keeping the chest to be locked. I tried one more time and I opened it! It worked! I learned it was empty! What a surprise! No!

One thought on “The secret chest-Michael

  1. Oh Micheal what a disappointment that must have been, all that work, all that effort and amazing skill and en empty chest. Were you disappointed I wonder or did you take it in your stride like a real hero might? I really liked this very creative piece from the start to the finish and although they are meant to be short you have packed a load of adventure into it, Excellent work on the storyline and the use of punctuation. Well done.

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