The Sailmen from a Boat-Sami

A Longlong time ago a boy was walking through the forest when he saw sailmen crash ,somehow, in the forest. He tried to hide, but he was noticed! They said “He come here young lad!” He wa scared, but he went. He approached them, and they looked scary. He backed away a little then he was surrounded. He got scared, but they just wanted to guide him to safety. So he followed the and they came upon a big town, by the name Gram Crackersville. They entered and were offered gram crackers , and he took 2. Then they had some s’mores.

2 thoughts on “The Sailmen from a Boat-Sami”

  1. good story mate, to step it up to the next level you should reduce the commas. and also reread your story, you got a couple mistakes here in there. but great work!

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