The run away ball-Ruth

“Oh no, my white ball is rolling down the hill!” shouts Anna.

“Maybe that big pile of leaves will stop it!” screams Anna’s friend Charley.

“If the ball rolls too far, it will go into the castle and then we will never get it back!” yells Anna.

“Maybe we can get a big board to get the ball?” whispers Charley.

“Yes that’s a crafty idea!” whispers Anna.

They went to go get a big long board and then brought it back to the castle with them.

“It worked!” they both screamed.

“Now we have our ball.” says Charley.

Let’s play.


5 thoughts on “The run away ball-Ruth

  1. Hi Ruth,
    You did a great job of using dialogue to draw me into your writing.
    Keep on writing.
    Mrs MooreTeam 100London

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