The Rocket Dog By Aidan 100 w/c

One regular morning, I woke up and I heard that the tv was on. I walked in the living room and saw my dog Spike sitting up on my couch wearing clothes. I said, “ Hey Spike,  what are you doing on the couch?! ” Spike said, “ Uhhh nothing, just acting like a dog. ” I said “ No, you are Rocket Dog!” He said “ Yes, but don’t tell anybody! ” I told Spike there was a robbery near us 10 minutes ago. He got on his jet suit and rocket, but when it just wouldn’t take off, he gave up and the robbers had fled.


One thought on “The Rocket Dog By Aidan 100 w/c

  1. Hello Aidan, I just love your story. It’s just great how you have given the dog human traits. He has such “character”. I can just see the look on his face. Shame they didn’t catch the robbers but when your rocket won’t work you can’t do much about it. I look forward to seeing more of your writing. Well done.

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