The Remarkable Lemon- AJ

One day my friend Tyler and I found a lemon, but when we picked it up it had legs! We tried to run after it but it kept running and we lost it. We could smell the sour juice on the grass and we followed it to a  lemon factory. We went in the factory but we got caught. The workers names were Carter and Kona. We told them what happened, but they didn’t believe us so they told us to go. We looked around more, and when we found him he said he wanted to stay with his family.

3 thoughts on “The Remarkable Lemon- AJ”

  1. Hello, AJ.

    You have a good sequence of events in your story, and you really used your imagination to bring the lemon to life.

    When writing, try to think about if your story would be believable.

    You must also include the word prompts in your writing. That’s the fun (and challenging) part.

    How did the lemon escape at the beginning of the story?


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