The Red Scooter That got stuck In Concrete

Once upon a time a man named Tom was riding his red scooter.He was riding and splat, he rode into wet concrete. His feet were stuck on the scooter and the scooter was stuck in the concrete. A concrete worker with fluffy hair said, you are stuck in there forever. So Tom called 911.They said they would come in 10 hours.Tom called mom and dad.They said they would come and help.When they came, they pulled and pulled but nothing helped. The worker told Tom you can get out unless you dance.Then Tom danced and said woohoo I am free!They cheered yay!

2 thoughts on “The Red Scooter That got stuck In Concrete

  1. I’m not sure how Tom could dance if his feet were stuck or how dancing would set him free, but it was certainly an unexpected plot twist. Maybe he just danced from the waist up?

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