The Red Clown Nose By Olivija

One day, a man in New York City was walking on his way to work and found a red clown nose. He didn’t think much about it so he took it to work and laughed about it with his friends. When he got back to his house he started hearing weird sounds coming from outside his window. Once he looked out the window, he saw a red clown. He was holding an axe and broke through the window. The clown said, “this is what you get for making fun of my nose!”. The man was never seen again by anyone.

3 thoughts on “The Red Clown Nose By Olivija

  1. Hello Olivija,
    I really enjoyed your story especially the ending.
    You’re very good at writing and you would make a good author one day.
    Keep up the good work.

    Holly~ Ms Brennocks class

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