The red air Forces- By Curtis

I was in Nike Lab walking through the Air Force section and I saw the Off White ones. I was amazed by the red stripes on it and the Bible scripture on the side in quotes. They were the nicest and rarest pair out. They even had the $200 tag on them. I looked down at the price and I was Blown away by how much they cost. The shoes were $200 only, and I was lucky that day because that day was my Birthday. My mom said she would get me any pair of shoes I wanted. Should I get them?

One thought on “The red air Forces- By Curtis

  1. Hi Curtis,
    Great post! $200 for a pair of shoes sounds like an awful lot to me- maybe you should show this post to your mum and ask for a birthday and Christmas present combined and be extra well behaved? I like your interpretation of the colour red- it is very unique. Keep up the good work.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Coventry, UK

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