The Plane That Wouldn’t Take Off-Leona WC

I woke up at 3:00 AM today. I’m so tired, and my flight takes off at 6:00 AM. Ugh, I can’t find my camera. Last night I forgot to pack my bag, so their is a high chance I’m not going to get on my plane on time. I get to the airport by 4:00 AM. I’m glad I live close to the airport! I get on my plane… when it just wouldn’t take off… The pilot said, “Attention everyone! This plane has been malfunctioning, and your flight will be moved to 10:00 AM.’’ I screamed, “I GOT UP THIS EARLY FOR NOTHING? UGH!’’

One thought on “The Plane That Wouldn’t Take Off-Leona WC

  1. Hello! I know just how the character in this story feels. It is so annoying to go without sleep and rush around, only to find yourself sitting on the tarmac for ages. I like how you supplied the times in your story so that we could really see how difficult it was. Well done.

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