The Penguin That Could Fly By, Niko

It is the year 2345 and humans have created a device that brings you back from the dead. They brought back Elon Musk. He was still thinking of the Tesla Cybertruck. He has an idea. Elon thought if there can be a portal gun, but on the downside it might break space. The portal gun tells you what to wear according to the temperature. He has to wear a coat. Therefore, he goes through the portal, and he is very cold. He sees a penguin that is flying high in the air. He said weakly, “I didn’t realize they could fly.”

One thought on “The Penguin That Could Fly By, Niko

  1. Hi Niko, I found your story very interesting and not a little bit confusing but then, I’m always like that with fantasy stuff. It is a nicely structured and well punctuated piece with lots of detail and strange sounding, but interesting things happening, well done.

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