The other flash by Omer

Their once was a family in this family their was boy. His name was Garry Falon. He was no ordinary child he has speed and he was a superhero but, their were villains. And, these  villans were and Garry had to fight them. But one of them came to our house and my brother had to save us but I didn’t know it was him. Then as we head to the window to leave. But then, we were moving faster and faster until we got to our neighbors then I noticed. My brother was missing. So, I assumed he died.

One thought on “The other flash by Omer

  1. Your story is full of suspense, the introduction of the super heros abs villains is an excellent idea. Careful of your use of “their” it should have been “there” in this case. I’d love to read more, what happened to your brother in the end? We’re you reunited? Very exciting piece of writing!

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