The Orange Crocodile Part 6 – Brandon

I ran out and grabbed the two yellow ducks, but when I looked back at the shark, I saw it was nothing more than a man with a shark fin strapped to his back. What a remarkable trick! The man thought it was hilarious, however, little did he know, we’d have the last laugh. I gingerly set the ducks down on the sand and discovered shark teeth. It made me wonder if…”SHARK!” screamed the man at the top of his lungs. He darted out of the water and flopped onto the shoreline gasping for air. But the shark wasn’t done…

One thought on “The Orange Crocodile Part 6 – Brandon

  1. Brandon I really liked your story I hope to hear the second part of the story maybe a few next steps could be like how did you find the teeth like where they in the sand or where they on top of the sand

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