The Not So Good Cruise Ship-Rishi

I AM SO EXITED! We are going on a cruise! …1 day later… (On the microphone) PSSHHHHT- MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! WE ARE HEADING INTO AN ICEBERG( It’s Titanic all over again!) … 1 day later… CRASH! “Ohhh, my head.” Captain- Sir, Sir, hurry, get off the boat, it’s on fire! Once I was fully up, I made sure that my family was OK. Then, we got off the boat.(we didn’t really care about our luggage because I think you would want to live more than lose money on our luggage.) WE WERE ALIVE !(I SURVIVED THE GREAT, DEADLY TITANIC 2 SINKING.)

3 thoughts on “The Not So Good Cruise Ship-Rishi”

  1. What an adventure, Rishi.

    It’s an adventure even without the picture prompt. I’m not sure how the picture lines up with your story, though. Were the boats part of the crash, but years later? Make sure your prompt and writing can be easily paired.

    What will happen next for your family? I bet all of the biggest TV stations will want to interview all of you. Will you become famous?


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