The Mysterious Twisty Slide Katie

My friend Juliana and I decided to go down the twisty slide because it’s the tallest and fastest slide at the park.  Juliana went first and climbed all the way to the top.  As I waited for what seemed to be 5 minutes, I started to realize that she had not come down yet.  I climbed after her and yelled her name, Juliana didn’t respond. I thought to myself, “but how could she just disappear like that”? Wanting to find my friend, I slid through the twisty slide, everything went black and dizzy, when I came out, I was somewhere different!

4 thoughts on “The Mysterious Twisty Slide Katie

  1. This story is really good, I like how you leave the person reading guessing at the end from the mystery of Julian disappearing. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi katie
    I really liked your story, it kept me thinking of what was going to happen next.
    If I was at the library this would be the type of book I would look for!!!!

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