The Mysterious Boat-Diamandis

I was walking through a forest one day.  Everything was calm.  The soothing songs of the birds filled the air.  It seemed like a normal day, but hours later I found a boat. It was very large.  Why was it in the forest?  Suddenly, I heard the boat’s engine start.  I decided to take a closer look.  There was no one in the boat, but it started to move somehow! The boat slowly rose straight up to the sky. As I watched it float upward, I became blinded by the sun’s glistening rays.  It vanished, but where did it go?

3 thoughts on “The Mysterious Boat-Diamandis”

  1. Hi, Diamandis.

    This is a creative piece! I especially like the way you set up your story (calm, birds’ songs). I also enjoyed your choices for the adjectives in your story.

    Be careful to make sure the events in your story are believable – or see to it that you give some king of explanation of WHY something happened (the boat raising). This way, the beginning of the story agrees with the ending.

    Where did it go? I am in suspense.


  2. Once again Diamandis your story was an amazing read just like last week but there is something you have to do and that thing is. Make sure your story has events that are at least a bit believable.

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