The morning bye:jade

I woke up and got breakfast.I found a black banana it was mushy and gross.Next,my mom asked me to help her with groceries.It was so heavy.My family and I went to the pool.I didnt want to go because my hair will get damaged.But,I jumped in the pool anyway.After,the pool I just sat down on my bed watching tv.While my mom was cooking Mac n cheese.After dinner I colored,danced,dance party, and slept.Next day I went downstairs and a huge breakfast.I had eggs,bacon,pancakes,and fruit.That was the most best breakfast in the world.This is why I had a big day.The end. goodbye

One thought on “The morning bye:jade

  1. Congratulations Jade, you managed to write an interesting story, in first person voice, using those random words. I can see how much effort you put into your punctuation. Remember you don’t need to put ‘the end’ or ‘godbye’ at the end of your story. Thank you. I enjoyed reading your story.

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