The Missing Bike by Ruth

“Where did my bike go?” screamed Anna when she could not find her bike.  It turns out there have been burglars stealing bikes all around town. Anna kept searching for it around town but couldn’t find it.  So, she asked her friend to come help her.  “I hear that the burglars are spray painting the bikes yellow and zip-tying them to telephone poles,” said Mable. They went around town searching for the bike going up and down every street.  They could not find her bike but on their way home they spotted someone zip-tying Anna’s bike to a telephone pole!

One thought on “The Missing Bike by Ruth

  1. You have thought about this picture prompt very well, Ruth, imagining out how the bicycle might have got there and then working it in to your story. The way you use direct speech brings the story to life, as well as providing an important clue for Anna. I can feel how tedious it was for Anna and Mable ‘going up and down every street.’ It made me feel like they would never find the bicycle. Then right at the end of your story they find it!

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