The missing ball-Ruth

“It is time for baseball practice, but I can not find my ball,” said Charlie.

“Hi sweetie,” mom said nicely.

“Mom I can’t find my ball, but I know I had it after practice yesterday,” yelled Charlie.

”Ok, I will help look for it,” mom said happily.

”It is no use. I looked for it all day, but still can not find it,” Charlie said upsetly.

“Did you check the whole house, and where you thought you put it last?” questioned mom.

“ Yes, so you put the ball somewhere!” accused Charlie.

” I don’t remember putting it on anything,” declared mom.


2 thoughts on “The missing ball-Ruth

  1. Poor Mum, getting the blame for the lost ball. I think that probably happens a lot. I like how you used dialogue to create your story. This provides an insight into the relationship between the characters. Well done.

  2. I really like the dialogue and it resonated so well! My daughter also says that all the time! I am sure the ball will turn up!

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