The Marmite Experiment By AidanL 100 w/c

In the beginning of 1902, a German inventor named Justus von Liebig wanted to make a food with vitamin b in it. He kept mixing beer and vitamins to make Marmite. One day, Justus finally made the mixture he wanted. He wanted to make it so he can be famous like all of his friends. He asked one of his friends to try it. Justus asked his friend, “ Does it taste bad?” “No,” he said, “I like Marmite.” The next morning, Justus tried Marmite and said, “It tastes salty like butter but the texture is sticky like jam.” Justus became famous.

4 thoughts on “The Marmite Experiment By AidanL 100 w/c

  1. This is the only entry I’ve read this far that has been a lesson!! Great job Aidan. You’ve taken this weeks marmite prompt and turned it (brilliantly) into an informative story. I had no idea there was vitamin B in marmite, although I still won’t be reaching for it at the supermarket. Would you eat marmite to get your vitamin B? I think I’ll carry on getting it from eggs and greens.

    Your grammar is impressive and I really appreciated your use of speech marks – it made it a lot easier to understand than if you’d have left them out. Keep up the good work!

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