The Man Who Was Tired. -Giova

There once was a man named Jeff, and he was up until 3:46 in the morning! He had to go to work, and he wasn’t up for it…He asked his friend if he should stay home, and his friend said, “You can’t stay home, if you do…You’ll miss work time, and money!” Jeff agreed to go to work, but after he got ready, he took some coffee to work. His boss asked Jeff, “Why did you bring coffee today? You never bring coffee.” Jeff said to his boss, “I’m sorry boss, I was up till 3:46.”

“It’s okay Jeff.” His boss walked away calmly.

One thought on “The Man Who Was Tired. -Giova

  1. Hi Giova,
    Is the sculpture called Jeff? He was lucky to get good advice from his friend and his boss seems very understanding too!
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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