The lucky coins by omar

There was a boy who was not really lucky. He lived with a annoying sister and he was really poor. There was a contest for who ever gets the most coins gets a life time of money and wealthy ness. He looked all over the place but found nothing. Then 7 coins started to fall on him when he was going to his public school. He had seven  and the person who had the most had nine. Then all of his coins which were red fell into deep pavement and started to sink a man with a red ladder helped him.

One thought on “The lucky coins by omar

  1. Hi Omar, This is an interesting story and from the start you created sympathy for the character. You did that very easily in two sentences and then continued to explain how he had chance but it all went wrong, poor boy! At least he had a man to help him finally. Nicely structured and punctuated to make a good creative, use of the prompt words.

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