The Little man- Nyah

One day Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter were eating lunch. Then, Mr. Carpenter when out to go out to his farm to plant the new plants he bought. He took one plant and took it outside. He put it in the grass. Next he went back to his house to go grab one more plant and when he went back outside with his plant and saw the first plant he took out was spilled all the soil came out and so did a very miniature man. Mr. Carpenter had no idea what do. Then moments later he returned it to Planta-store.

One thought on “The Little man- Nyah

  1. Hi Nyah!
    What an interesting tale! You must be fond of gardening! Or perhaps you love to climb trees in the Park? Who knows if you have a little wooden house perched in a very old oak?
    I’m wondering if this miniature man that came out from the spilled plant could become a friend of the Planta-store owner…
    I’m Teacher Ines, from Portugal. (Team 100)

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