The lamest day ever- Nico

One day, a boy named Nico woke up in the morning so he could go to school. His day started out really ruff. The black clothes that he was going to wear, didn’t get washed. When he went to make himself breakfast, he dropped the eggs and it ended up all over his kitchen floor. After he cleaned up the mess, he went to school. When he walked into the classroom, he saw lights flickering at him. His classmates were taking pictures of him because he was wearing a shirt with 20 fringes on it. This was the lamest day ever.

5 thoughts on “The lamest day ever- Nico

  1. Oh no Nico, that sounded like a terrible day! Your story reminded me of a day I had when everything went wrong- I just wanted to go back to bed and start the day all over again! It was a very interesting way of using the prompt, keep up the good work!

    Ms Gray, St Molaga’s NS, Ireland

  2. Hi Nico Emma here
    I wanted to say that your story was great and it did sound like a pretty lame day.
    I liked the end part about when you where wearing a shirt with 20 fringes and the class was taking photos.
    I think instead of The lamest day ever you could of said The worst day ever.
    Kind regards Emma

  3. hi Nico
    your piece of writing
    was really good I loved the bit
    about all your class mates taking pics of you
    so funny can’t wait to read another one of your storys

    from ruby

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