The Journey For A Friend – Brogan

In the beginning of Earth there was one man. The man had been looking for a friend his whole life. One time when he was looking for a friend he came across this thing. It was a monkey, but he didn’t know because he hadn’t seen anything like it. He then found out that they could’t communicate, so the man tried to think of a way to but couldn’t. One day the idea of pictures popped up in his head. He showed it to the monkey and he understood. From then on they lived happily ever after as best friends.


2 thoughts on “The Journey For A Friend – Brogan

  1. Hi Brogan. Thank you for publishing this sweet short story. I really liked how the man was faced with a very tricky problem but through problem solving came up with a great solution.

    Miss Rebecca
    Phuket, Thailand.
    (Team 100).

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