The Invasion of Gold Bees-Kam

”RUN”, cried the cashier at the grocery store,”THE BEES ARE COMING”.  Sure enough when John looked up. There were the millions of golden bees hovering above.  He never thought they they would make it this far because, they started in Washington and now they are in New York.  The bees are from the faraway planet GOLDOR and they have been tormenting the world for almost a month now.  The world is no more we will cease to exist as mere human beings.  Then the magical bear expelled the bees from their living honey. That bear saved us all for now…

One thought on “The Invasion of Gold Bees-Kam

  1. Whew. Thanks goodness for the intervention of that bear Kam. I wonder if it was from planet Earth or did he too come from another planet. I do like your use of the word ‘tormenting’.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderfully safe and festive holiday.
    Jackie (Team 100WC) from a summery New Zealand

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